Gathering Powerful Stories from the Ground

Thanks to support from Center In charges, Counselors, team leaders, field coordinators, educator & volunteers, the Communications team has started getting great stories of transformation/Achievements from the ground. This is helping us build a library of stories, video clips and photos that we can use for more impactful storytelling. These stories will help us showcase impact and provide inspiration!!

VLCPC & Panchayat are voicing for rights of children…………..

This case refers to the issue enrollment of 5th passed 35 Students who belong to Sheikhfarenda village of Sonauli center. Sheikhfarenda village is situated at 6 km west of Sonauli border. The occupation of the people there is agriculture & it has a population of 3500. The issue was enrollment of 5th pass 35 students in Dharohra Junior High School but it was about 10 kms far from the village and no transportation facility available it was a challenge, because all the children there are enrolled. Sushila who is a Volunteer had gone to contact the headmaster for the nearby junior high school ganwariya which is 3 kms away from the village, but the headmaster Mr. Gupta stated that it would not be possible to enroll the students as the seats are almost full.

This issue was put up in the joint meeting of the Ball panchayat and village level child protection committee, in which the panchayat representative was also present the issue was put up by members of both committees as well as other community member. After discussion in the meeting on this issue, the panchayt representative assured for the admission of the students and called the project volunteer, member of VLCPPC and bal panchayat for a meeting with headmaster and as an advocacy by the committee members the headmaster got convinced and finally enrolled all the 35 children in the junior high school ganwariya and as of today all the35 children are studying at the school and are attining other entitlements and rights.

Project interventions are bridging up the gap between community and panchayat …………..

This case refers to admission of 18 Students of Indernagar & Ramnagar village, post Vanveerpur of Center Tikonia, Lakhimpur kheri. These children were of different age groups and standards and were willing to get admitted into government school in the nearby area but they were facing the issue of age certificate as the principal was demanding age certificate but the parents of these children were unable to provide the certificate as they were not able to connect to the correct place from where the certificate would get issued to the principal, because of this the principal was not taking their admission. As a core intervention of the project and close coordination of working of the structures and panchayat the project volunteers along with the committee members and the parents of these children contacted panchayat members and conveyed the same. Taking cognizance of this issue, after knowing the reason, the Gram pradhan took the decision and asked to get the birth certificates made of all those students so as to remove the barrier of their enrollment.

After all, the birth certificate of all the students was made with the efforts of the Project’s volunteers, Gram pradhan and the related stakeholders, due to which 18 children got admission in the school. Now all 18 students are going to school and crossed the hurdle this also led to the attainment of Children’s rights.

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