Marginalized Communities

Livelihood & Financial literacy based skill trainings for women members from marginalized communities

As a main objective of the organization to make women empower and gender equality MSS has undertaken various initiatives from time to time. Since solar products are emerging as a supplementary and economical source of energy MSS identified women members from marginalized communities for empowering them through solar trainings, financial and digital literacy. The training was a 90 days residential based training and the identified women were not literate and could not even make signatures but through various modules of trainings and through expert trainers the women members came out as solar engineers with knowledge of preparing solar products, repairing of solar bulbs, torches, panels and most importantly they had complete knowledge of handling tablets, software, digital transactions and now they are selling solar products in their respective villages and simultaneously as solar engineers they are repairing any trouble shootings to solar products which were installed or used by any community members. These women members identified were from marginalized communities of Maharajganj and Kushinagr districts of Uttar Pradesh.

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