Formal and informal Education

Providing Formal and informal Education & Open Air School-

Since Education is the most important tool for any child to survive and have a descent life in the society especially in this world of digitalization and transformation of certain existing systems of life. In this context, MSS directly works at the grassroots level with the economically and socially underprivileged to make education accessible (covering rural, tribal, urban and semi urban areas) and relevant (often tailor-made to suit the need and requirement of the community) to as many as possible. Non-formal educations as a supplementary or complementary activity to formal education through bridge education centers so as to provide formal education to those children who are either not enrolled in formal schooling or are drop outs due to any reasons. M SS has established bridge education centers with appointed educators who provide formal education along with other socio and cultural education so as to have holistic transformation in a child’s life and with the broader objective of mainstreaming them into formal education or schooling. The children are supported with educational materials and other essential support as such 80 bridge education centers are being run by MSS covering 80 villages of 4 districts of Uttar Pradesh.

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