Child Rights

Combating cross border & interstate human trafficking and promoting safe migration

‘SEVA’ has been pro-actively working on combating human trafficking and promoting safe migration for the past 19 years at Indo-Nepal border areas through two way approaches one approach being strengthening of community at grassroot level as well counselling and preventing migrants at transits points of Indo- Nepal in due cooperation with SSB & Police as well as in coordination with NGO’s of Nepal and other stakeholders. The second approach has been Capacity building sensitization programs/ seminars & workshops for SSB, Police, AHTU, JJB, CWC, Media, ICPS department on regular basis for strengthening the combating mechanisms of human trafficking in due coordination of all departments and stakeholders. MSS is implementing a model program for establishing life guard centers/counselling centers for migrants crossing border from Nepal to India as well as keep an eye watch for suspected cases of human trafficking and counselling migrants for their safe migration and journey with due support and coordination of Police & SSB at Indo – Nepal transit points of Badhni, Kakarhawa, Khanua in district Siddarthnagar , Sonauli, Thoothibari (district Maharajganj) Tikonia & Gauriphanta (district Lakhimpur Kheri) & Rupaideha (District Bahraich). Along with the lifeguard centers we would also implement activities related to child rights, child labour, strengthening of panchayats, education and integrated approach of working with stakeholders like AHTU, school and police in 10 villages on Indian side around each of the transit points. As a part of this program MSS has taken various methodologies and activities like counselling of migrants jointly with SSB at 8 transit points, establishment of bridge education centres in During the intervention MSS has undertaken various activities from grassroot level to district level with involvement of relevant stakeholders.

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