Chairperson Message


Asha Tripathi Chairperson,
(Manav Seva Sansthan)

This is our 33rd year of meaningful existence and our envision towards more creative visibility and branding of our work to our stakeholders. To do this we are planning for a series of relationship building exercises with our end beneficiaries, to reach our contributions to dignitaries presence and let people recognize our existence as an organization which can be approached in situation of crisis on many social issues of child rights, women empowerment, prevention against human trafficking, education, health. The organization has been always on the forefront since its inception towards addressing disasters, unprecedented conditions in any part of the country but the year 2020 was the year of a global lethal pandemic COVID 19 and its subsequent impacts which severely affected the country with more powerful impacts on weaker communities in rural areas and daily earners in all parts. As per our vision and mission statement we leaded in the peak of the challenging times parallel with government’s efforts to minimize the impacts of the pandemic in our working areas and among communities through various measures of possible extent of support. I congratulate the MSS management and team for their tireless efforts among the challenging times which really has been very satisfying. Lastly I extend thanks to our donors, our duty bearers, media who equally took the challenge in coming together, believing in us on our commitments and for their unprecedented support. We hope that you would continue supporting us and more people join this endeavor with much commitment and sensitivity.

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