Case Study

Case Study

Case Refers to Arti (Name Changed) about 22 years old women. Arti is married and she has 2 children, son is 5 years Old and Daughter is 3 years Old.

Information source

Arti’s Brother in law (Toj Bahadur Nick name Sunil Roka) told that Arti is missing for the last 2 month just before lockdown. Toj Bahadu also told to MSS that Arti (Name Changed) Aarti and Aarti's family is very simple, so anyone can deceive him. He had tried to contact with Arti and tried his best to know about Arti. He Got contact of a Lady named Sita and availed the information that Arti is doing job in hotel in India. He tried to contact with Arti but unable to do. So he scared Sita that he would tell the Police. Then only Sita gave him a lead of women named Susheela tiwari w/o jagnandan Tiwari native of Nepal and married in India living in Bharha Para, police station laliyapara, Shivpura. Toj Bahadur tried to contact with Susheela, at first Sushila told that she is in Gonda and Aarti works in a hotel. After some phone call Sushila got Aarti to talk to her brother on the phone. Shushila calls Bahadur to Balrampur that she will get Aarti to meet her. This conversation was done infront of one of our MSS team member at Badhni life Guard centre. Sunil told that it came to know that Sita's past has also been in trafficking.

Action Taken Report

Arti (Name changed) was missing from Tulsipur ward no 5, Upmahanagar palika, near Anchal Hospital, District Dang, and Nepal Pradesh, missing for 2 months. Her Brother in law Toj Bahadur (Nagrikta) Nick name Sunil Roka reached at life guard centre of Manav Seva Sansthan “seva” Badhni with a request of help. MSS Director Mr. Rajesh Mani as soon as came to his notice, informed to ADG Mr. Akhil Kumar, Gorakhpur zone further to SP Balrampur about the case. SP Balrampur as per his directive team members of MSS coordinated with crime Brach. When Sunil talked to Sushila, she called Sunil Roka (Arti’s Brother in law) to Balrampur bus stop and said that she would bring Aarti to the same place. MSS team members along with Sunil reached Balrampur and talked to Sushila over phone call. So further Sushila called Sunil to his village saying that it would be night and my house is far away from bus Station. Sushila told Sunil that you should stay at our house (Shivpura, Balrampur) for the night and you will return to your home in the morning with Arti. After that the MSS team talked to the Inspector of Crime Branch and shared the whole thing, and then he called us to Laliya police station. The MSS team reached at Laliya police station with Arti’s Brother in law (Sunil Roka). Team MSS and Team of Crime Branch reached Shivpura Chowk according to as per plan. After 3 hours of follow-up and observation, about 6:45 p.m Sushila came with her son to recieve by Bolero. Sushila was caught by the coordination of crime branch and Manav Seva Sansthan, after interrogation susheela told that Aarti is living in Barhapara Village. It was night when the team reached Barhapara Village. After reaching there, talking to Arti, it came to know that Sushila has sold Aarti for 30000 and Arti married with Ram chabeele kashyap S/o Balram kashyap Barhapara in Barhapara Balrampur. Crime branch and MSS team brought Sushila, Aarti, Ram Chabeele and her children along with them to Balrampur Mahila Police Station. Statements were taken in front of Crime Branch Inspector Mr. Shyamlal Yadav, Balrampur Mahila Thana Adhyaksh, Anupam Tyagi and MSS team.

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